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DoA: 5 January 2018
File: Powerpoint presentation dmWrkshpOfBISMarch2016.ppt

Let's consider below scenario;

"I had some “thing” that others did not have. So I decided to “sell” that for “something else”.
One of my main intentions was to see my customer “happy” and “improving her quality of life”.
Her happiness was observed by another and wanted to “buy” the “thing”.
As a result, I had to “produce/ offer” more.
I was getting many “orders/ requests” and “producing/ offering” more and more. I “expanded”!
Then there came “another “producer/ server” of the same “thing”.
She wanted to “win my customers”.
There began the “competition”.
The store continues on, even today, and for many more years to come."

So, what are our expectations as "business"?

Customer satisfaction
Continuous improvement of the quality of the product/ service
Reduce waste (during the entire process)
Develop customer intimacy