Yohan Pandigama- Founder

What Motivated C2L3?

C2L3 was founded in January 2017 with the vision to provide anyone interested a platform to analyse, recognize and forecast solutions to a variety of problems -i.e. to devise effective ways to better the humankind. Initially, we focus on the problems from the fields of Business, Computing and Lifelong Learning.

Why C2L3?

The concepts of Computing and Lifelong Learning dates back to very far. At C2L3, we aim at attempting to create an environment to “re-learn” those concepts, and their effective application in current-day problem solving.

Our objectives are to create the grounds for encouraging;

  1.   learning by living (experiential learning),
  2.   fruitful research and innovation, initially in the fields of Business, Computing and Lifelong   Learning,
  3.   implement the designed solutions practically through manufacturing of devices, whenever   possible,
  4.   education and personalized training,
  5.   consultancy and support services and,
  6.   various types of publications of the above to better serve the knowledge society.

What We Value?

At C2L3, we believe;

  1.   that honesty is always the best policy and trust has to be earned,
  2.   in maintaining a healthy work/ life balance,
  3.   that humankind is in control of its destiny or personal situations,
  4.   in commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way,
  5.   in commitment to innovation and excellence,
  6.   in commitment to doing good for the whole,
  7.   in commitment to helping those who are less fortunate,
  8.   in commitment to building strong communities.

What We Do?

The scope of C2L3 is to facilitate anyone interested with;

  1.   access to relevant infrastructure required for learning, research & innovation, and design,   development & manufacturing,
  2.   a range of courses, seminars and workshops to facilitate lifelong learning,
  3.   a variety of access methods and types (for example, online, f2f, blended learning, publication, and   etc.) to relevant knowledge and experience and,
  4.   consultancy and support services in the fields of Business, Computing and Lifelong   Learning.

How We Do?


C2L3 is currently affiliated with;


C2L3 is committed to creating necessary infrastructure required to achieve its main aim and objectives. Initially, it houses a research laboratory to facilitate research and innovation in the fields of Business, Computing and Lifelong Learning. The laboratory has access to servers, printers, scanners, relevant software (open source) and dedicated Internet facilities with the state-of-the-art collaborative tools. It also provides its community with the access to the knowledge base and learning management system.


We are a team of academics and professionals with the passion towards Computing, Problem Solving, and Lifelong Learning.

Radeesha Mendis- Partner
Randunu Bandara- Chief Operating Officer

Special Thanks

Arya Pandigama- C2L3 Logo Concept and Initial Sketch
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